Goddard Repackages Himself in ‘The Cloakroom’

With his contractual relationship with CQ Roll Call now behind him, Taegan Goddard, who previously ran everything he produced on Political Wire, is now calling his blog operation The Cloakroom. His new contract is with The Week, where he is now editor-at-large, the new catch phrase for mostly, sort of still being a part of something without the full marriage.

In an introductory post, he explained what the real cloakroom is, saying, “The cloakroom is where lawmakers in the House and Senate can privately mingle with members of their own parties, jockey for position within their own caucuses, and discuss their agendas. Free from the media glare, it’s often where the big deals are cut and where alliances are formed.”

Political Wire won’t be entirely abandoned and @politicalwire will still be Goddard’s Twitter handle… “Political Wire will continue to be the place to track elections, keep up with the latest polling, and monitor important political news,” he wrote. Wonk Wire is where I’ll follow the latest public policy news. I hope to use The Cloakroom to dig deeper into these issues and share my opinion on what it all means.”

Correction/Clarification: CQ Roll Call‘s contractual relationship with Goddard doesn’t end until end of the January. He says nothing definitive has been concluded. But sources tell us otherwise. Goddard tells us he is publisher of a new video production company that will launch shortly under the name Retro Report.