Glenn Beck Unplugged Tonight

Glenn Beck, a standup comedian? It’s not such a stretch, actually.

The dramatic newsman will perform live on stage tonight in a comedy routine they’re calling “Glenn Beck Unelectable 2012,” put on by The Blaze and sponsored by Fathom Events and Beck-founded Mercury Radio Arts. For the past week he has been performing in select theaters nationwide.

Tonight he’ll appear in Arlington at Ballston Commons 12. Well, actually, he’ll be in the flesh at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Texas, but it’ll air in the Virginia theater. Our own Eddie Scarry, who also writes for The Blaze, is being to sent to the theater for audience reaction. Hopefully they won’t throw pies at him.

Event organizers are promising a wild event. First off, they refer to Beck as a “leading media personality.” Really, leading? Then they write, “Sure, Glenn’s not really running for president, but that’s only because he says the kind of things politicians can’t…or won’t! From Democrats to Republicans, law makers to law breakers, no one is safe from Glenn in what many are calling the funniest show he’s ever done.” See here for tickets and a list of participating theaters nationwide.

All we can say is, crossing our fingers for a crying scene.