The Glendale Bear IS a National Celebrity

News of the Glendale Bear’s most recent capture made headlines all over the country this weekend. His popular Twitter feed was given prominent mention too, courtesy of the LA Times.

The bear, who has a penchant for meatballs, fruit trees and swimming pools, captured the hearts of some locals as he made a habit of foraging for food in the foothill communities in recent months. His popularity only increased when Glendale resident Sarah Aujero, 29, created the Twitter handle @TheGlendaleBear so that residents would not see the bear as a threat.

“After all these tranquilizer shots, they may need to drop me off at Celebrity Rehab…” Aujero tweeted Sunday after the bear was caught.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the bear gets his own reality show. Here’s our pitch: next time the bear is tranquilized, the Forest Service should put a collar with a camera around his neck. Then they should live-stream bear footage from the wild. Not only would they be able to keep better track of his movements, just in case he gets another meatball craving, but they could capitalize on his growing national popularity. Bear lovers could get their fix from a safe distance.

Win-win, baby! Hot damn, we could be the new Chuck Lorre!