Glamour Follows Katie Holmes with Olivia Wilde

One sure sign of an effectively presented women’s magazine cover story is to find people still talking and-or writing about it four weeks later. Score one in that department for Glamour‘s August 2014 issue.


The magazine went with three different covers of Katie Holmes, including the strategically topless shot above. The actress told E!’s Marc Malkin this weekend that the photo “wasn’t about being sexy. It was about being a woman.”

Now comes Glamour‘s September issue, featuring an article photo that will surely still be on people’s lips come Labor Day. The picture shows cover girl Olivia Wilde stylishly breastfeeding her newborn son Otis.


Immediate media reaction includes “What a woman!” from  US Weekly and “HUGE statement” in the eyes of Perez Hilton. The Holmes August photos were shot by Tom Munro; the September Wilde snaps are the work of Patrick Demarchelier.