Girshman To CQ

From CQ’s announcement:

    I’m very pleased to announce that Peggy Girshman, currently a Managing Editor at National Public Radio, will be joining CQ as Executive Editor of the Jefferson project.

    She will start on July 3.

    Peggy brings extensive experience and strengths to the project. She has been an award-winning producer and editor; she has worked in television and radio; she has been on the ground floor of several media start-ups; she has been NPR’s “entrepreneur” in forming partnerships with other media organizations; and she is a skilled practitioner at driving projects across departments within a company, as well as strengthening relationships with outside stakeholders (which, in the case of NPR, was the more than 280 public radio member stations that it served).

    In the last year, she has served as NPR’s Managing Editor for the Newsroom of the Future, in which she has grappled with many of the issues that we will encounter with Jefferson.

    Peggy joined NPR in the ’90s, serving as science editor, domestic news editor, deputy managing editor, and, before her current position, assistant managing editor. Before coming to NPR, she worked as a segment producer for commercial stations in Washington, DC and New York public TV station WNET. She also served as the senior producer for several PBS series, including Scientific American Frontiers and a 26-part Annenberg series on statistics, and as senior producer at Dateline NBC for 2 1/2 years. I have found that these producer skills are also invaluable in the world of the web.

    Peggy was involved with three start-up television operations: Satellite News Channel, Monitor News Channel and Video News International, a New York Times company that was a pioneer the use of small format video journalism. She has completed two journalism fellowships, one at the Marine Biological Lab, the other at MIT.

    She has won many awards, including a national Emmy award, 4 local Emmy Awards, the AAAS science-writing prize and two Peabody awards. She served on the boards of the National Association of Science Writers, the Journalism Fellowships for Child and Family Policy, the National Academy of Engineering “Engineer of 2020” panel.