Gibson Set To Leave “World News” Dec 18|Reader’s Digest Looks To Exit Ch. 11|Huffington Takes On Murdoch Before FTC|NatGeo Puts Adventure On The Block

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TVNewser: Charlie Gibson will sign off from “World News” on December 18.

Politico: Layoffs hit USA TODAY as the national paper looks to cut 26 staffers.

New York Post: A judge overseeing Reader’s Digest Association’s bankruptcy proceedings has set a final hearing date for January 15.

PaidContent: Arianna Huffington and Rupert Murdoch were among the media leaders who spoke before the FTC today. Huffington used her time before the commission to fight back against Murdoch and his harsh words for Google and news aggregators like The Huffington Post. “We link to The Wall Street Journal daily. We have never had a single complaint,” she said. “We drive a lot of traffic to them and they like it.”

Folio: The National Geographic Society is looking to sell its Adventure spinoff magazine.