Getting to Know the Real (Nice) James Victore

To close out this writer’s day, we turn to a fun, quick piece, in the hopes of helping you still to adjust to being back in front of a computer. It’s an interview with James Victore over at he site Facing Sideways. Can anyone really ever get enough of the great mustachioed one? Judging from the billion posts we’ve had about him over the years, we know we’re guilt-less junkies. Anyway, it’s a great piece, with an interviewer nervous that Victore would live up to a perception of “being ‘the angry man of graphic design’,” only to find that he’s a swell, likable guy after all (we could have told you that). He also gets really into talking about his plates project, which is always great to hear about:

JV: The plates are just a funny thing that came about a bunch of years ago. As a young designer I was a bit of a barfly and I would always have paint markers or sharpies with me. I would draw on the plates, glasses, wine bottles etc, when I had finished with them. In my heart, I’m a customiser, I just change everything. I draw on my equipment, I’ve got type on myself. I would use them to start conversations, or give them away as gifts. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine who has a small gallery in Brooklyn asked me if I wanted to do a show of my work. He meant the posters but I really didn’t want to see them up anywhere, it’s not that interesting to me. I told him that I would think about it. Laura (James wife) and I took a vacation to Austin where she’s from and where we like to spend a lot of time. I went to a friends studio and on his wall was a tiny little plate with a funny little drawing on it. I saw it from across the room and my immediate reaction was ‘That’s fucking nice’. Then it dawned on me that I had actually done it for him when he had been in town previously.

If you’re looking for a bit more to feed to your Victore-fix, here’s our interview with the man, the myth, the legend from a couple of years ago.