Getting Ink All Over Yourself


And to close out the day, for this writer anyway, here’s a little bit of interesting from Reset Design in Paris: The Reset Design Tattoo, wherein they asked designers to think up interesting things to do with tattoos. There are photos of the tattoos at work, but we’re guessing that none of the designers actually went so far as to put them on their bodies. If so, wow, that’s dedication. Here’s the scoop:

The Reset Design Tattoo is a special series made by some of our favorite designers in order to propose new functions for tattoos. The series will be part of the “Eden Adn” exhibition during the next St. Etienne Design Biennale (November 22 until December 3). “Eden Adn” is dedicated to the manipulation of nature by man. Thanks to all designers who participated. The Reset Design Tattoo is now open to each designer to become a permanent gallery.

And, yes, before you ask, both editors of UnBeige have tattoos. This writer has an adorable butterfly on his left ankle. Alissa has an electric tiger fighting a lion on her forehead.