Get Yourself Out There, Not Your Resume

We’ve just read a disturbing story about a company that somehow knows when its employees post their resumes online and apparently punishes them for it.

In that case, how on earth do you start thinking about changing jobs when you could be fired as soon as you load

No need to sneak around (even if it were possible in the days of Google alerts to “stealth” post your resume).

According to career experts J.T. and Dale, make yourself findable, not your resume. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date (you can just “say that friends and former colleagues have been asking to connect with you, so you felt it was time to set up a profile,” says J.T.) and that it’s filled with recommendations from ex-colleagues.

Then network like hell, both online and in person. Not a bad strategy even if your current employer isn’t hellbent on making its employees miserable.