Get Just The MJD You Want Without All That Other Stuff

Perhaps you’re only interested in some of the stuff we cover. (*sniffle*) If that’s the case, check out our new fancy RSS feeds: you can subscribe to only the categories you want.

How? By following these simple instructions courtesy of our sister blog AgencySpy, that is, if our sister was older and cooler but wore a little too much makeup sometimes and was the kind of girl the neighbors talked about in hushed tones, the tramp.

Ahem, anyway.

Find the category you want to subscribe to (look on our sidebar for our full list of categories) and click on it to go to that category. When the page loads, take the URL, which should look like this:

And add the letters RSS to the end, so it looks like this:

Then you should get the option to subscribe to that category in Google Reader or whatever reader you use.

And if you’ve decided you actually want to subscribe to our full feed, you can do that here.