Germany’s Museum for Arts and Crafts Picks Good Time to Launch Apple-Heavy Industrial Design Exhibition

From the MoMA to California’s Computer History Museum, there have been any number of museums eager to remind you that they have a collection of Apple products on display, following the business world-rattling news last week that Steve Jobs had resigned from his CEO post at the company. While we’re sure that there are a handful of other museums already planning a quick Jobs-based retrospective, like has been happening all over the internet, perhaps no cultural organization opened an exhibition at the right time as Hamburg, Germany’s Museum for Arts and Crafts. Entitled “Stylectrical: On Electro-Design That Makes History” and opening over the weekend, the exhibition focuses on industrial design, with more than 300 pieces on display. As good time fortune goes, TUAW reports that “over half of those are Apple products,” with an apparent emphasis on the working processes of the company’s resident reclusive design guru, Jonathan Ive. And speaking of Ive, over the weekend, there were a number of pieces written (here’s one from Bloomberg) about how it’s now the company’s top designer’s job to become Apple’s “technology visionary” and “fill [the] gap” now that Jobs has left. Our big, sigh-fueled response was: “Wasn’t this fairly self-explanatory to being with?” followed by a healthy and pronounced, “Well, duh.”