George Thanks “This Week” Viewers

On the eve of his move from DC to NY and from Sundays to mornings, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos thanked “This Week” viewers at the close of this Sunday’s show.

“That’s our show for today.

You may have heard that tomorrow I start at “Good Morning America”…

It’s going to be a great challenge for me, and I hope you’ll tune in there too…

My only regret as I head to New York is that I won’t be able to continue our Sundays on “This Week” for very much longer. As all of you know, this has been a special and important forum for discussing politics and public affairs ever since David Brinkley began the program almost thirty years ago. It’s been a big part of my life too — and an honor to anchor these last seven years.

I’ll continue until a successor is named… so for now, I’ll just say

Thanks for sharing part of this Sunday with us… We’ll see you next week.”

Video here.

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