George Lopez to Voice ‘Speedy Gonzales’, Hate Himself for the Rest of His Life

According to the Hollywood Reporter, comic George Lopez is adding “his Latino seal of approval” to New Line’s adaptation of the (in)famous Loony Tunes character “Speedy Gonzalez.” The film will purportedly be a 21st century PC update of the 1950’s “racist speedy” — as producer Anne Lopez referred to the mouse.

Even if that is true, and the film will be about takin’ Speedy back, the fact the script comes from the comic masterminds behind “Garfield,” Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen, should have set off Lopez’s alarms.

Didn’t he see Bill Murray’s cameo in Zomblieland? Playing himself, dying of a gunshot wound to the chest, Murray is asked if he has any regrets.

“Garfield maybe.”