Geoff McFetridge Rebrands America for Pennies

When Paper magazine editor Kim Hastreiter asked 15 of her “personal favorite fearless communicators” to take their best crack at rebranding America for Paper‘s annual design issue, Geoff McFetridge came up with something that makes cents in a cash-poor world. In addition to tweaking the design of the flag, the Canadian-born artist drew a swarm of busy Americans in profile with Lincoln pennies for heads. “I was thinking of a way to give a new iconic value to the lowly penny,” McFetridge told Paper of his copper-topped scheme. “American history is an interesting way to describe what America is like today. I like to think there is a little bit of Lincoln in all Americans.” Click here for Hastreiter’s design brief and to see how designers including Peter Buchanan-Smith, Shepard Fairey, Ivan Chermayeff, and George Lois responded to Paper‘s national rebranding challenge.