Gel Squeezes Out More Fun

Gel host Mark Hurst was kind enough to remind us there are only three days left to get the regular ticket price for Good Experience Live, that zany conference with such an eclectic gathering of speakers, it sounds a lot more like guaranteed admission to a super cool cocktail party.

What we didn’t know is that although Good Experience goes live one time a year, there are oh-so-many other Good Experiences to be had in the form of their website, which we’ve been voraciously exploring whenever we have a moment to spare. We can’t really see how Hurst has a moment to spare, seeing as in addition to planning a conference, he’s constantly updating This Is Broken, one bad customer experience-related design a day; monitoring his open source restaurant guide addyourown; compiling his Uncle Mark gift guides; and inventing things like Goovite and GooTodo. Hurst spends his entire life making sure all these experiences are 100% good. Just imagine what kind of conference he could put together.

Gel is May 4-5, 2006 in NYC. Register here.