Gary Hustwit Talks Objectified and Special Screenings in Three Lucky Cities

Design’s filmmaking hero, the very talented and very agreeable Gary Hustwit, is set to premiere his latest film, Objectified, at South by Southwest in March, which is sure to be a sell out crowd of giggly, excited designers like yourself. In the interim, while you wait on the edge of your seat, you’ll have to rely on simply watching the trailer again or, as we’re recommending now, reading this interview with Hustwist over at Dwell. Although brief, he talks a bit about what will be in the film, who he enjoyed interviewing the most, and spill the beans on his enjoyment of mid-60s Plymouth Valiants. Here’s a bit:

How do you define good design?
I like the question Paola Antonelli, curator of architecture and design at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, asks to define good design: If it didn’t exist, would anyone really miss it? Would it leave a hole in anyone’s life? I think that’s true.

Of important note: if you’re in San Francisco or Chicago, tickets have gone on sale for special screenings and Q&As with Gary in both cities in April. If you can grab a seat, we highly recommend going, if just for the bragging rights. What’s more, this writer’s place of employment, Coudal Partners, is hosting the Chicago event and we’ll make sure you have a great time. Update: San Francisco has already sold out.