Gannett Tests Groupon-Like Service

With Groupon growing rapidly thanks to witty writing,  huge savings, and (now defunct) talks with Google, Gannett newspapers are trying to get in on the group coupon trend with a similar offering of their own. By introducing its readers to local advertising partners, Gannett hopes to create a “social shopping” network that harkens to the days (like yesterday, perhaps) when people would clip coupons from newspapers for local goods and services.

Gannett hopes to introduce its Groupon-like service next year but, if Gannett Digital Network general manager Josh Resnik’s interview with ClickZ News is any indication, the company is remaining tight-lipped regarding specific details. However, with “local” offerings becoming the focal point for so many publishers — print and otherwise — pursuing such a plan is likely in the best interest for Gannett and for readers expecting and demanding content and offerings especially curated for and catering to their specific needs, habits and location.