North Jersey Media Group Buries the Layoffs Lede

A brutal number.

At the top of this particular Jan. 23 news article on the website of New Jersey daily newspaper The Record, some of the terminology includes “restructuring,” “major strategic reorganization” and “highly transformative time.” Crowned by a deceptively generic headline.


It is not until the sixth paragraph that the human toll of actions by parent company North Jersey Media Group, publisher of The Record, is specifically detailed:

By week’s end, 141 employees are to receive notices required by New Jersey and federal law when significant layoffs are planned by private employers.

Gannett acquired North Jersey Media Group from the Borg family last summer. In the comments, a dozen and a half readers at press time are voicing their great displeasure with changes recently made to the print and digital editions of The Record. Another objects to the way the layoffs are being spun:

Jason Towlen: How will slashing journalist jobs help “meet the growing digital demands of readers”? Sounds like typical counterintuitive Gannett-speak to me. Shame on you, Bob Dickey, for destroying yet another NJ paper.

Politico has the internal memo circulated by North Jersey Media Group president and publisher Nancy Meyer. Read it here.