Fusion Execs Double Down on Anti-Union Talk


In a series of meetings across the country, Fusion execs followed through on their promise to “inform” staffers about what joining a union would mean.

Earlier this month, Fusion staffers voted to join the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE). This prompted a cautionary email from Fusion president-COO Boris Gartner and president-CCO Daniel Eilemberg.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Gartner and Eilemberg have led meetings where they presented “vague, doomsday characterizations” of unionization. The duo told Fusion staffers in meetings in New York, LA and Miami that joining a union would cap salaries, change their benefits and impact hiring and firing.

Not that this is stopping Fusion staffers. In fact, it might be emboldening them. “If a place tells you ‘don’t organize,’ there’s probably a reason you should,” Caitlin Cruz, a Fusion associate features editor, told the Journal.