Fun, As Illustrated By This Site


To give you something maybe to look forward to on this, the middle of the week, we pass along info of the site Illustration Friday. Every week, the site gives its readers a theme, then, on Friday, unveils what they’ve been sent. There’s no point to it, other than just for fun, and it’s a good way to show off your skills, a little break from using that tablet or Illustrator all day drawing cans of soup for this week’s “Super Buys!” suppliment. In addition to having this great, well-read outlet of showing off your chops for the hell of it, there are also interviews with fellow artists, the ability to submit your own topics, resources to look at, and even a forum, where you can go to explain why you think something in particular is “lame” and how the people who made them are total “lame-o’s” (at least that’s what we do whenever we get on a forum — it’s become something like an impluse reaction, really). So there you have it. Not only do we stretch your brain with all this brilliant writing and linking we do, now we’re giving you fun stuff to play with at work.