Full Disclosure: We’re Using Mena Trott’s Product Right Now


Caught by way of Airbag, we found this interesting feature in The Economist about Mena Trott, one of the heads of Six Apart, whose products these writers have used nearly every day for the past few years of their lives. It’s a great piece on the founding of a company we didn’t really know very much about (like that the name comes from the founders, Mena and her husband, Ben, being born six days apart) and how their empire grew into what it is today. Here’s a little:

Ms Trott is Six Apart’s president and public face, while Mr Trott, who is shy and retiring, runs the technical side of things and seasoned executives handle the management. Six Apart’s flagship products, Movable Type and TypePad, are popular among “power bloggers” with large audiences, and its third product, LiveJournal, is big among teenage girls who blog for their friends. Collectively, Six Apart’s products are used by over 30m bloggers around the world.