Frontline To Examine ‘News War’


pbs_frontline_logo.jpgPBS’ Frontline is putting the finishing touches on “News War,” a three-part, four-hour special that examines the “political, cultural, legal and economic forces” impacting the news media and free press. The series slated to air in January.

The “war” part may come during the third hour (Jan. 16), when Frontline takes viewers inside the L.A. Times during this summer’s “epic battle over the future of news,” pitting the paper’s reporters and editors against the corporate owners at the Tribune Co. Former L.A. Times editor John Carroll calls it “a crisis of the soul” — the one that is taking place throughout the country between edit desks and executives bowing to the demands of Wall Street.

As you might’ve noticed, this war is not relegated to newspapers.

An announcement by PBS is expected this morning.