From the ‘Shame on You’ Files: Boss Terminates Employee Via Text Message

When we read this piece on The Wall Street Journal, we gasped.

That is, if you’re an employee and you get one from your boss saying you’re fired, we feel your pain. 

Per the piece, Juan Michael Porter II was dismissed from a dance company where he had worked on and off for about 10 years. He told the Journal, “We hear about people breaking up in text messages, and we think that’s tacky, but to be fired, I just couldn’t believe it.”

As for the message itself, Dian Dong wrote: “Hi Juan, I wanted to speak with you in person about what’s going on. In general, we feel that you have out grown the company and it would be better for your career to move on.”

The associate director of H.T. Chen & Dancers added, “You were great this year and we thank you for being with us. I think we both realized it but never said it aloud.”

Porter said he was shocked and read the messages five times before he dropped the phone and sat down.

Apparently, you see, there was a slight loophole. The Journal reviewed his contract which stipulated if the company or dancer decided to end their agreement, a conference must take place and a “suitable agreement will be negotiated.”

Well, Dong pointed out the contract ended one day before she hit send on the texts. She also mentioned she primarily keeps in touch with her dancers via text messages and since she didn’t have time to sit down with Porter, she texted him the news.