From the Department of Shameless Self Promotion…

This is, by far, the best come-on for posting about a feature story we’ve seen in a long time. So even though he’s not an L.A. journo, we’ve got to give props to James Parker and the PR machine at the Boston Phoenix for promoting the hell out of this week’s cover story.

Their pitch:

Bouncers, the stone-faced guardians of the velvet rope, are known for two things: keeping order in your favorite nightclubs, and rearranging the faces of those who bring dischord to their (relatively speaking) orderly worlds.

They are not known, however, for their prose, their sentiments, their innermost feelings.

That is about to change. James Parker, a staff writer for the Boston Phoenix, has discovered that there is actually a rising tide of memoirs by these glitterati gatekeepers, which he has dubbed “Bouncer Lit.”

Like Chick Lit and Lad Lit before it, Bouncer Lit is a movement certain to arouse the interest of trend watchers, but, unlike Chick Lit, it features demonstrably more pummelings, beat-downs, knife fights, and overall lacerations. Whether in the work of Marc “Animal” MacYoung (A Professional’s Guide to Ending Violence Quickly), Peyton Quinn (A Bouncer’s Guide to Barroom Brawling) or the recent effort of Rob the Bouncer (Clublife), this is a literary movement that is unlikely to suffer from a critical backlash — unless, that is, its critics are actually getting physically backlashed.

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