From Inside the Belly of the Beast: The Renegade Craft Fair Report


Seeing as this writer somehow found himself in the middle of a t-shirt empire recently by stumbling into a surprisingly successful business with his girlfriend and her good pal, “Lessons Learned from the Other Side” on The Curious Shopper, was a really interesting story found by way of our own good pal, Michael Surtees. It’s about a couple of people who, unlike this writer and his cronies, escaped the safe enclosure that is the internet, went out to sell their wares (also t-shirts) at the Renegade Craft Fair and then reported back on what it’s like. Even if you aren’t selling anything currently, nor do you plan to in the future, it was just interesting to see what’s going at those craft fair things, what it’s like to be there. Here’s a little:

I noticed that when I would look at someone, the minute they saw me looking, they’d start backing away. Politeness is generally a good thing, but as a shopper, intense scrutiny (or even a casual glance) can be a huge buzzkill. I know that when I enter a boutique and I’m the only shopper, and the woman at the counter greets me in a warm and cheery way, I want to get the hell outta there. This effect is magnified in a small, intimate ten-by-six space. So I quickly learned to stop looking, stop smiling and stop freaking people out.