From India to China and Home Before Dark


It’s not every conference that has a keynote speaker by the name of Senator Joe Biden, and that should be your first clue that this isn’t every conference. Cities In a World of Migration: China and India In Global Perspective will take place at The New School this Friday and Saturday. The realms of India and China should be of prime importance to anyone interested in global innovation, and these folks are covering some pretty meaty topics in those two short days:

How do we understand urban and rural migration in both directions? Because cities in India, China, and the United States evolve from different physical and political environments, how do those differences affect approaches to urban governance and planning? What are the opportunities and constraints for imagining and building democratic futures in the emerging cities of the world?

If it sounds like they might know what they’re talking about, they do: The school itself has a vast India China Institute.

Senator Biden’s keynote is at 6pm tomorrow night, and you can view the rest of the schedule and register here. You’ll also be able to watch a webcast of Biden’s speech here.