From Designer to Very Wealthy Designer (With Good Hair)


How do you jumble advertising, design, indigenous Hondurans, and hair products together into one interesting story? You read “How To Sell $1.2 Million Worth of Product In 40 Minutes” over at the site, Unusual Business Ideas That Work (which we found by way of the fantastic Crit). It’s the story of a man named Denis Simioni, a Canadian designer who had worked in the advertising world for nearly two decades and randomly happened upon a jar of something called ojon oil, a hair product that, well, does something that keeps your hair looking nice against damage from the elements. Somehow he got it into his head that the stuff would sell, so went to Honduras, changed his entire business, and immediately made a fortune designing and marketing the product itself. It’s not your typical design story, but it’s got a good message of “Hey, maybe you could stop working for the man and start raking in the money doing your own thing” (even if it doesn’t involve exotic hair goo).