Friendly Reminder: Keep That Facebook Page Clean

We all remember the Cisco Fatty, right? Losing a job she hadn’t even started yet because of an inappropriate Tweet sent out about Cisco?
“Sure, sure,” you say. “But my Twitter updates are protected and my Facebook profile is locked down.”
Not so fast. Slacker Manager at HRM Today posted the sad story of a woman who, after three and a half great years at her company, was fired for complaining about her job on Facebook.

I…have my profile privacy blocked so that you would have to be my friend to see it. With that in mind, it was not as if I was providing this “Complaint” to the entire world wide web, and in fact, there would have been very very few people that worked for this company that would have seen this. I also never named the company, any other employee names, etc…
How am I still in the wrong and losing my job over this?

While this totally stinks, Slacker Manager says, there’s not much you can do about it, if you have at-will employment (most do), which means you can be terminated at any time for any reason except discrimination. If anyone at the company saw it and recognized you, even if outsiders to the company didn’t see you complaining, you’ve now marked yourself in your boss’s eyes as a whiner who doesn’t like his/her job. Best not to do it.
“Think of this like you think of unflattering pictures of yourself,” Slacker Manager says. “Keep them to yourself and your spouse, and maybe a few close friends and nobody else.”
And remember, don’t Tweet anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see.