Friday Fun Post: Skate Or Die


Cool people use Macs to make books and pretty pictures, but pro skaters Kirk Dianda and Rob Dyrdek talk about using them to document the building of their skate park.

Dianda and Dyrdek’s story is exceptionally compelling because of their revolutionary design: they mimicked the city-center park that every skater dreams of infiltrating–and made it hospitable enough that they can coexist with the wheel-less. You can see the trailer for their film, “Groundbreaking,” by going here.

We also like this quote that sums up what 95% of the world’s population thinks about skateboarding:

“Our sport is so absolutely misrepresented,” groans Dyrdek. “As a pro, the first thing people ask me is, ‘Do you know Tony Hawk?’ and ‘Have you skated in the X Games?’ And the answer to both is yes. But they have nothing to do with our sport today.”

Thanks to skater dude Keith Scharwath.