French Daily Ponders Trump

The mot of the day is "Dérape."

Take a look at the front page of today’s edition of Paris newspaper Libération:


For maximum effect, the best way to translate the above headline into English is to imagine Regis Philbin shouting it out over morning coffee and croissant. Because this Gallic wood blares: “Trump – It’s Out of Control”

It certainly is, in a way that only a nation that happily gorges on sensational cable news, endless reality TV shows and a worship of the almighty dollar could deliver. In the accompanying piece, Libération New York correspondent Frédéric Autran quotes from today’s New York Times editorial and offers his readers a good summary of the reaction to Trump’s “Second Amendment people” remark.

The photo used by Libération was taken in 2010 at the site of Trump’s golf course in Scotland. Which is apt, because right about now, the idea of a U.S. presidential election mulligan is a dreamy concept.

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