Freelancers: Pitch Your 10,000-Word Feature Ideas To Gothamist

The Gothamist network is excited about e-single publishing. Its first feature, a 13,000-word narrative called “Confessions of a ‘Rape Cop’ Juror,” sold well, the site says, and got a lot of play.

The next feature will be a little shorter (5,000 to 10,000 words) and must have appeal to all of Gothamist Network’s four million American readers (forget Shanghaiist for now). The writer will get paid $3,500 up front and a 50/50 split of any profits.

So if you’re a journalist—especially one who can write about “crime or other mysteries”—get writing. While some may say 35 cents a word isn’t a terrific amount, it’s also more than many media outlets are paying these days. Sound badass? Go pitch.

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