Freelancers: Do You Need a CPA?

Freelance life is complicated.

The freelance life is a financially complicated one, especially, but not exclusively, when it comes to tax day — that’s tomorrow, for all of you procrastinators out there. But perhaps the many jobs you take on throughout the year, spread out among various 1099s and W-2s, require more attention than an annual handover to a financial professional.

Here’s why else you might need a certified public accountant (CPA):

Some writers may not seek out CPAs simply because they don’t know how a professional could help them. [CPA Brittany] Hopp says in addition to tax preparation, a CPA can help freelancers with general bookkeeping, managing numbers and staying on top of receipts. She adds that some creatives are intimidated by CPAs, but she reassures “we’re really just people and we want to help our clients — even if it’s just education on the front end to figure out what you want to be doing.”

For more, including the CPA options available to you, read: Freelancers: Should You Hire a CPA?

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