Freelancer Sues LA Times For 510 Violations Of Copyright

Freelance photographer David Strick has filed suit against the Los Angeles Times for what he says are 510 violations of his copyright.

Strick had been under a contract with the LAT for more than two years to shoot behind the scenes pictures of popular movies. When the Times terminated his contract in 2010, however, the newspaper continued to publish photos he had uploaded to their content management system.

Strick and his lawyers say that his contract specifically states that Strick owns the copyrights to his photos; the Times says that as soon as Strick uploaded his photos he was implicitly granting consent to the paper to use them.

Each violation could carry damages as high as $150,000, TheWrap reports.

FBLA notes that this episode is just one more in the “miserable summer” the paper’s PR department is surely having.