Freelance Forecast Employers Say Recession Has Affected Their Freelance Budgets

More from the Boomvang Creative Freelance Forecast survey, this time from the employer perspective….

All that social media you’re investing in as a freelancer, trying to get clients’ attention, might be misdirected energy.

According to the employer survey (again, not a scientific poll), 95 percent of respondents who hire freelancers said word of mouth was “the best” way to find freelancers, or else that it “usually works.” More than six in 10 said that professional associations were fertile sources of freelancers; only 37 percent cited traditional networking groups, and about a third said social media “usually works.”

If true, consider ponying up the few bucks to join a few associations. We have a big list, mostly for journalists, in our archives. There are plenty no matter what your flavor of media is.

At any rate, other highlights from the Boomvang survey for employers include:

  • The type of freelancer being hired is super diverse, one in five employers uses writers, but one in six use editors or graphic designers; still more hire photographers, videographers, and illustrators. No one category took a clear lead.
  • More than a third (37 percent) said that the recession had “slightly” or “significantly” decreased the number of freelancers their company hires. Only 19 percent said they’ve been hiring more since the recession.

    The good news, though: half of respondents said they’d be handing out the same amount of freelance work this year, and 40 percent said they’d assign more work.

    Get cracking!