Freedom On The March Dept.

The New York Sun says Bush has "a historic chance" to redefine his presidency. So why aren't there any critics in the piece? Oh, right. They didn't sign the "loyalty pledge," most like.

Oddkin New York Sun takes today’s Daily Suckup pole position with ease. A1 above the fold (and below) tells the riveting story of how George Bush has “a chance to define his moment in history.” C’mon, let’s listen in:

In a 3,000-word story that seems longer than a joke set-up from Tucker Carlson, Luiza Ch. Savage performs stenography, quoting such incisive critics of the Bush tenure as august Republican cheerleader Peggy Noonan, who could tell us to expect “a short Bush speech.” The only drop of hemlock in this too-sweet cup of tea came from a misindentified Democratic knob (but hey, we’re all Americans so it doesn’t matter, right? Right?) who called any talk of “a ‘mandate’ a non-starter.”

Other than that, the piece was a curtain-raiser that left out the $40 million inaugural price tag, the groundswell of e-mails we’ve all been getting urging us “not to spend one penny” tomorrow to protest the extravagance, and of course didn’t mention the “temporary” security checks everyone in DC must now endure that feel more long-term than the recently abandoned sentry towers in Northern Ireland.

Nice job, though, Savage. The only thing in the same issue that might trump this kind of avid butt-kissing might be the piece about the grilling of Condi Rice, in which her helmet hair triumphs over legions of bad-har liberals with bad manners. You can share today’s award between you. Your C-in-C thanks you from the bottom of his Connecticut-made, Texas-flavored heart.