LA Commercial Director Shakes Up Some Lowrider Fruit

The official biography of commercial director Frank Borin is fabulous. It describes how, beginning at age 12, his parents would drop him off after school at the Universal Studios backlot, so he could wander around and soak up the action (“no one thought of stopping a kid sailing through the gates”). Actually, Borin did occasionally get bounced off the premises, but he kept at it all the way through high school and even at one point ran into Steven Spielberg, heeding the director’s advice to attend film school (Loyola Marymount).

Borin shoots all sorts of high-profile music videos and TV commercials. His latest spot, debuting today on Facebook and scheduled to begin airing overseas Friday, is a cute 30-second locally filmed spot for UK soft drink Vimto:

The company is going after the teen market, which explains the Lowrider at an LA intersection, the pretty girls, and soundtrack use of “Bounce n Bottom” by Big Box. The fraternity of Universal Studios gate guards should be proud.