Ferreting Out the Pedigree of FoxyLady.nyc

Why? Because someone sent us the press release.

Sean O'Loughlin FoxyLadyRemember RocknRollYellowPages.com? How about BelleFemmeMagazine.com?

The reason we ask is that Sean O’Loughlin, the attorney and insurance trial expert with his fingerprints on both of those bygone efforts, has teased his next digital publishing enterprise. FoxyLady.nyc is envisioned as a showcase for “the most beautiful women in New York City.”

Now… We get the proposed logo for FoxyLady (pictured). But the one for O’Loughlin’s parallel brainwave RockBands.nyc? Not so much.

O’Loughlin has glommed on to a sub-domain gold rush unleashed last year. We wish him the best of luck with this latest sideline shingle.