What’s Dana Tweeting?

Dana Perino really loves her dog, Jasper. We’ve covered her tweets about the hound in previous editions of “What’s Dana Tweeting” and she continues to keep her followers on the cutting edge of Jasper-related news. As you can see by the picture, Jasper is becoming QUITE comfortable with his new masters. Dana tweets that Jasper is fast asleep in the middle of Times Square. Not only is he asleep, but he’s gone full frontal and spread eagle in the middle of the seating area. I’ll say this as delicately as I know how. The gentleman cradling Jasper is smiling just a little too big considering his thumb is keeping that dog warm in his most private of areas.

Just when we think Dana gets back to normal and tweets about soccer, she finds a way to slip in a Jasper reference in there, too.

It appears as though Dana has created a monster. There’s even a Twitter account for her dog now. You can follow @danaspuppy for all the fake Jasper news you can handle. Perino made sure everyone knew that she wasn’t behind the account.

You know what’s worse than those co-workers who ALWAYS talk about their pet??  Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you haven’t learned that lesson by now, you never will.