Fox Hires New Legs, PJTV Also Hires A Pair

Fox News has hired itself two more potential occupants of the “leg chair” on Redeye – Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich and Jedidiah Bila, who is a “columnist” for a conservative alternative to the AARP called AMAC (the Association of Mature American Citizens).

Pavlich (pictured at right), in addition to her editorial duties at Townhall, is now a “contributor” to Fox News itself and had her “coming out” party on Hannity last night debating fellow contributor Tamara Holder, known for being a punching bag token liberal on FNC and a rumored mistress of the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Pavlich announced her new income stream on Twitter, saying, “I’ll be on with @seanhannity tonight at 9:20 est in my first appearance as an official @FoxNews contributor. Tune in :)”

Bila (pictured above), the noted AMAC columnist (yeah, I’ve never heard of another either, but I thought I’d throw in “noted” to impress upon you just how irrelevant AMAC is) and FNC regular for what seems like years, also took to Twitter to announce she’s not only a FNC contributor, but also a Fox Business contributor because of her years in the business world. I’m just kidding, she was a teacher before somehow managing to become a person who has no experience in the things she’s being asked about on TV.

Seriously, her bio reads, “Jedediah Bila is an author, columnist, and TV and radio personality. She is a Fox News and Fox Business Contributor. Her book, OUTNUMBERED: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative, was published in May of 2011. Her columns have been published in Human Events, The Daily Caller, Newsmax,,, The Blaze, and the Association of Mature American Citizens’ newsletter. Topics include politics, culture, media, fitness, music, and more.” So she’s known for writing for websites that will pretty much take anyone who can string a coherent sentence together.

How Pavlich (pictured here), who wrote a book some people bought (Townhall purchased them to give away with subscriptions to their magazine and it hit the New York Times best seller list) and Jedidiah have parlayed existing into a career will be something that will puzzle archeologists in the centuries to come.

Apparently a willingness to show some leg is key to success Fox News for all women of moderate talent with the exception of Mary Katherine Ham, who usually sometimes wears pants and a cleavage-less shirt.

And speaking of cleavage and a willingness to show some leg, someone who a lot of people thought was on the fast track to a contributorship at Fox News until she got shit-canned by the Daily Caller for lack of doing any actual work, Michelle Fields has landed a new gig. She announced on Twitter (sensing a trend?), “If you tuned into Greta on Fox News then you’ve heard! Congressman Allen West and I will be hosting a new online show launching in Feb!”

The venture is a subscription video site called “Next Generation” and is a project of PJTV. While the tweet Michelle sent out said she’s “hosting” the show with Congressman Allen West, the website says she’s a “correspondent.” She also forgot to mention her fellow “correspondent” John Phillips, but whatevs!

For mere price of $5 per month, or $40 per year, you can watch Fields talk to people (we’re guessing). For the advanced Fields fan, you can pay more to get more, like the ability to ask her questions (I’m not making this up).

Congratulations to all the ladies for their years of dues paying hard work new income streams. I predict big things in your future!

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