Fox News Chief Ailes: “Vanity Fair Is A Left-Wing Rag’

ailes_fox_clinton_wallace.jpgSome nuggets from Howard Kurtz‘s profile of Fox News chief Roger Ailes from today’s Washington Post:

  • Ailes says he still avoids mentioning his place of employment in certain circles. “It’s just not worth going through the hassle at an elite party.”
  • The paunchy 66-year-old executive sounds as though he still harbors sharp resentments toward a liberal-leaning world.
  • Vanity Fair described Dick Cheney — who demands that his hotel TVs be preset to Fox — as his “big loyal friend.”
  • “Vanity Fair is a left-wing rag,” says Ailes, adding a moment later that its editor, Graydon Carter, is a friend. Ailes says the magazine’s item is “just blatantly false” because he has met Cheney only a half-dozen times.
  • “The New York Times had to fire a person for making up news,” he says. “We haven’t taken down a major story. If we make a mistake, we correct it in an hour.”
  • The Right Man For Fox News [WaPo]


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