FOX Employee Tells of Police Brutality at the ‘Peaceful’ Occupy LA Raid

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has lauded the raid of the Occupy LA encampment as “peaceful and orderly” and praised the LAPD for their professionalism and restraint. But in an open letter to the Culver City Crossroads tells a very different story.

Patrick Meighan, a writer for the FOX series Family Guy, was one of 292 Occupy LA protesters arrested in front of City Hall during last week’s raid. And according to his account, excessive force was used on protesters, himself included:

I… informed the LAPD officers that I would go peacefully and cooperatively. I stood as instructed, and then I had my arms wrenched behind my back, and an officer hyperextended my wrists into my inner arms. It was super violent, it hurt really really bad, and he was doing it on purpose. When I involuntarily recoiled from the pain, the LAPD officer threw me face-first to the pavement. He had my hands behind my back, so I landed right on my face.

The officer dropped with his knee on my back and ground my face into the pavement. It really, really hurt and my face started bleeding and I was very scared. I begged for mercy and I promised that I was honestly not resisting and would not resist.

My hands were then zipcuffed very tightly behind my back, where they turned blue. I am now suffering nerve damage in my right thumb and palm.

Meighan, a successful television professional and church-going family man, is hardly the image of the stoned hippie FOX News likes to portray as the average Occupy protester. He’s even a FOX employee. What are the chances, do you suppose, that his story will get any airtime at all on FOX News?