Fourth Time’s a Charm as Museum for African Art Delays Its Opening Once Again

Staying on tough new for museum a bit longer this morning, New York’s Museum for African Art has announced another delay in completing its new home, a large, 90,000 square foot space designed by Robert A.M. Stern. The Wall Street Journal reports that the museum, which has been on hiatus from having a permanent physical space since leaving its temporary home in Long Island City six years ago, has announced that it has pushed back its opening to late 2012, instead of later this year, which itself was a push back from its second intended opening this past April, the first being its original intention of being finished back in 2009. The reason this time stems from having to raise its fund-raising goals by another few million dollars. “Though the museum had raised $86.3 million,” the WSJ writes, “it has had to raise its fund-raising goal from $90 million to $95 million due to increased construction costs.” ArtInfo has filed this great report on the long history of the museum’s ongoing struggle to complete the space, construction of which began back in 2007.