Four Ways to Leverage Your Google+ Profile to Land a New Job

G+ logoAh, social media. Sure, we’re all on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but how about leaning on Google+ to self-promote and land your next job?

According to a piece on Brazen Careerist, there are several ways to create a solid Google+ profile in order to get your name out there. Consider this: Google+ is the second larges social network out there. Considering it has over 500 million members, it’s an untapped market if your profile isn’t ramped up. Plus, keep in mind that Google+ feeds Google, as pointed out in the piece. Where do most employers search for passive candidates? You guessed it: Google.

1. Complete the entire profile page. Susan Joyce writes in the piece, “Connect to your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, blog, employer’s website or even your favorite posts on Brazen.”

2. Make the “about page” easy to read. Her advice? Write in the first person and create “short but coherent” paragraphs and a short bulleted list. As people peruse your profile, this will make it easy for them to look at their screen and learn more about you.

3. Focus on the absolute best keywords. Remember that the platform you’re working on thrives on keywords. Help your profile appear in Google searches by including keywords with job titles.

Her advice? “Use the most appropriate job title for the job you have if you’re employed or for the job you want next if you’re unemployed. You can always change your mind and your profile later, but being vague or generalized won’t help.”

And think forward as well. If the job you want has a specific title or a few titles known in the industry, include them in various forms. Look at the Job Trends page on Indeed to see which keywords are used most often and then do just that — use them often on your page, too.

Keywords can be used for skills, too so be specific and focus on skills you already possess as well as the ones employers covet.

4. Be meticulous in creating your Google+ tagline. At the top of the story box, take heed to your Google+ tagline. This is going to be included in a Google search result linked to your profile. Plus, Joyce points out your tagline appears in the pop-up window when someone scoots the mouse over your profile picture. Your tagline should create enough interest for people to click and read your profile.

The tagline essentially defines your personal brand so get out of corporate mode and vague terms. Instead of saying you’re an “experienced media professional,” get specific in terms of your specialty.