Four Ways to Cultivate Your Personal Brand

When we first read this piece on Freelancer’s Union, we had an a-ha moment. After all, who isn’t working on their personal brand in the office and offline, too?

1. Be likeable. Ain’t that the truth? Be nice, be professional but above all, be likeable. Be personable, speak and write the way you talk and don’t talk down to people. Be honest to a client or internal group about your capabilities and shortcomings — if you’re asked to do something and haven’t done it before, it’s okay to say you don’t have experience in that area.

Of course, you can always add a positive spin saying you look forward to learning something new but above all, be transparent. When we’ve spoken to hiring managers time and time again and two potential employees or freelancers have similar work experiences, they ultimately extended an offer to the person who was more likeable.

2. Be memorable. The pice points out,A personal brand is what makes you memorable while networking, but it’s also what gets you hired. So ask yourself, what is going to stand out about you at first impression? It doesn’t have to be surface-only, but you’ve got to start with a spark before you can turn it into a sustaining flame.”

3. Tell a story. Your personal brand isn’t only authentic and genuine, simply stated, it’s all about you! Your stories make the fabric of who you are. The piece illustrates, “What are the behind-the-scenes stories of your business and your life that you love sharing? Why are you telling them? Do you want to make people laugh, to gasp, or to reassure them? Or do you want to tell helpful, how-to stories and share some of your own tips and secrets to success?”

4. Become your own number one client. We really like this tip on their blog. Here’s why: Take on passion projects. Have you ever had to roll up your sleeves and dig into a project that didn’t get your juices flowing? How’d that turn out? Painful, right? Sure, we all need to work on things that may not get us going from time to time but passion projects will not only fuel you, they’ll give you the opportunity to truly shine.