Four Tips to Survive & Actually Enjoy the Company Picnic

The Wall Street Journal outlines a few ways for employees to survive that annual company picnic. After all, it’s casual and has the potential to be a lot of fun but it’s most likely happening during a weekend.

As you relinquish your precious personal time to be with colleagues, you might as well make the most out of it. Here are four tips to not only survive the outing but enjoy it as well.

1. Your go get ’em attitude! At a social event this like this you’re very visible so although you can still be yourself, your boss and your boss’ boss are watching. Your behavior will impact your reputation so if there’s a team sport like volleyball, why not participate? If you have an injury you can partake in the action by cheering on your team and/or taking photos.

2. Your beverage consumption. Similar to happy hour, if people are imbibing and you want to as well, experts say to feel free. Word to the wise: Watch your intake. When in doubt, keep it limited to one drink.

3. Work it! Yes, you’re in a casual environment but the outing presents a fantastic opportunity to get to know people better from your own department and other ones, too. The piece suggests bringing up a casual conversation to make a connection you may need further down the road. Plus, you can find common ground in the social setting such as your affinity for a local sports team or favorite vacation spot.

4. Remember your manners. Not like you’d forget them but definitely introduce your guest (if you can bring one) to the group and fill him or her in on the players on your team before you arrive. As for the exit, before you depart take a moment to thank the hosts or organizers.

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