Four Tech-Centric Resolutions For 2013

Sure, we’ve probably all made our resolutions by now but have we really thought about our tech ones?

According to a piece on CNN, there are a few tech-centric goals we should commit to accomplishing. They’re low maintenance but important as well.

1. Back up everything. When was the last time you downloaded docs to an external hard drive? Commit to downloading by the end of the week. Laptops get stolen and others implode; when it eventually happens, you’ll be really mad at yourself for not downloading your files sooner.

2. Turn on two-factor authentication. Not sure what this is exactly? No worries, we weren’t on board either but apparently it requires you to confirm your identity with two separate things instead of one. For instance, it’ll be something you know like a password and then something you have.  Gmail and Yahoo offer two-factor authentication whereas Outlook does not. Although it may seem like a pain at first, it won’t take too much of your time and adds another layer of protection against getting hacked.

3. Scan old photos.  After Hurricane Sandy destructed parts of the New York tri-state area, many people lost a lifetime of memories when their personal items were washed away. Devote some time to scanning your precious photos and if you don’t have time to spare or you’re overwhelmed by the project, local camera stores usually offer bulk scanning services. For a fee, they’ll return original prints with high resolution photos on a CD or hard drive.

4. Walk away from the smartphone.  We’re not saying to ditch it altogether but if you’re at a press event and everyone’s engaged in their electronic device, why not engage in real time conversations instead?

Yes, this also means when you’re in a social setting, try to refrain from logging onto Facebook to see what your other friends are up to. Enjoy each and every moment instead of preserving it in a status update.