Four Signs It’s Time to Leave a Dead End Job

Ever feel frustrated on the job? Maybe your editor just doesn’t recognize how hard you work or maybe you’re not personally satisfied with meeting deadline after deadline.

Well, according to a piece on Forbes, there are a few factors to pay attention to as you begin to think your career is officially on a dead end path.

1. The job has run out of gas.  Headhunter Jorg Stegemann points out several phases of a job within the piece: the honeymoon, reality, learning the ropes, mastering the job, question marks, demotivation, and the inevitable burn out. He asks, “Which phase are you currently in? Do you feel energized when you think of your job or worn out? Do you fight or have you given up?” The key, it seems, is not waiting until phase six approaches. Instead, pay attention to warning signs like lethargy and sweating the small stuff. He says in the blog post it’s ideal to depart during phase four or five.

2. Your industry is in turmoil. With a variety of mergers and downsizings, not to mention the state of newspapers, it’s probably safe to say the media industry is transitioning at the moment. If you hear news that your company is tightening its belt,  pay attention to your department as well as others. How is your employer treating people? Is solid talent being let go? Or are smart role models you admire leaving by their own choice?  He adds, “Without a quick turn-around, brain drain spells the beginning of the end. It might be time to consider a career change.”

3. Company profits are down (or non-existent). Stay abreast of your company’s financial well-being as well as your own deparmtent. For instance, if you’re a copy editor in the print side of the house, maybe it’s time to move into the web division instead. Also look around to see if your company is positioned well within the marketplace. If it doesn’t measure up and seems to be disintegrating, it may be time to leave that ship before it sinks.

4. There’s nothing in it for you. Seriously. If you dread going into the office every morning and get nothing out of it other than punching the time clock and receiving that pay check, accept it for what it is: A dead end street. And start making moves to pursue a job opportunity that’s more fulfilling with a brighter tomorrow.