Four Reasons Why Freelancers Should Get an Office

Switching things up, instead of leveraging a job search this post is devoted to fellow freelancers who are focused on productivity. Sure, people with office jobs have the daily grind and structure of a day job, not to mention office space but for freelancers things are a little (okay, a lot) different.

A functional home office is key in terms of having space devoted to working instead of lounging on a couch, the same destination for watching American Idol. Yes, a home office is cost-effective but according to Amy Levin-Epstein and her post on CBS Money Watch, she explained that renting space outside the home is affordable and more productive than working from home.

First of all, in the piece she pointed out a writer she interviewed gave kudos to office space for the main reason of networking. You know, having people interaction during the day: “I like the interaction/working with other freelancers, and I like the programming they offer for freelancers.” For instance, on Wednesdays the source attends “lunch pad” whereby entrepreneurs share a communal salad and dish about their experiences.

As for another reason, a communications consultant told Levin-Epstein it gets her out of the house, makes her more productive, and gives her a sense of a professional community. “I found when I worked at home that I felt too isolated and not a part of the working world. I rent a cubicle at Brooklyn Writers Space. It’s so easy to rent a flexible and affordable space these days, at least in New York City. This was one of the most affordable options — I pay $360 a quarter.”

Getting out of the house and into a work environment, some may argue, can make you more productive. A California-based PR consultant told Levin-Epstein her income has grown since she branched out with an actual office. “I can make more money because when I am at the office, I am totally focused on getting work done.”

And let’s not even think about the fridge being merely 10 feet away at home. Another PR consultant informed Levin-Epstein he rents shared office space in Boston and an extra perk is not having instant access to food 24/7. This way, he leaves his 500-square foot apartment and gets to interact with clients and network on his $99 per month part-time membership plan. Plus, he added, “It also helps me stay focused and avoid snacking all day.”

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