Four Healthy Tips For Sitting in Front of Your Desk

As you read this post, if you’re not running to an appointment or standing, how are you sitting? Really take notice of how you are sitting and poised. Are you legs crossed? Is your back hunched over as you read this? Or are you sitting up straight?

Mladen Golubic, medical director for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, talked to The Wall Street Journal about posture tips.

1. Practice relaxed, straight sitting. Although he alluded to technical studies on Sedentary Death Syndrome which highlighted hours worth of sitting which resulted in lower back pain, diabetes and obesity, sitting for a long time is simply not healthy regardless of the position.

Realizing it’s a fact of life, in particular for cubicle dwellers, he emphasized “relaxed, straight sitting.” Here’s how to do it: Sit away from the chair back so you’re not slumped over and keep both feet placed on the ground.

2. Project a positive attitude. When you slouch and your muscles are weak, the skeleton actually changes. Dr. Golubic explained, “You project an attitude of depression and low motivation.” Another route to striving for a straight back is to do quite the opposite: Generate positivity.

3. Start doing yoga. In fact, the physician strongly recommends it to his patients. “The first thing we learn in yoga is how to sit properly,” he said.

4. Walk instead of sitting. Although how you sit should be recognized, another factor to take into consideration is how long you’re doing it. For instance, he frequently walks away from his desk and conducts “walking meetings” with co-workers. If you have a call to make, why not go outside on your cell phone and walk as you speak? He recommended, “If you can not walk, at least stand.”