Fortune Launches ‘Most Powerful Women’ Vertical

Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit begins today, and to coincide with that, the magazine has unveiled a new Most Powerful Women vertical. According to Fortune’s editor Alan Murray, the site ( “will provide information and advice for women seeking success in business.”

In connection with the new site, Fortune has appointed Nina Easton chair of Most Powerful Women International and Jennifer Reingold co-chair of the US MPW Summit. Easton will continue in her role as Washington columnist and editor-at-large; Reingold will continue as a senior editor.

“The success of Fortune depends on our ability to identify and nurture strong communities of people who look to us for information, inspiration, enlightenment and education on particular business topics across a variety of platforms ­including newsletters, web sites, mobile phones, magazines and live events,” wrote Murray in his memo announcing the vertical. “The expanded Most Powerful Women franchise is a powerful model for how we will grow and thrive in the future.”

You can read Murray’s full note below.

As we kick off the 16th annual Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel today, I want to share some exciting news about the expansion of that franchise on our digital platforms and some related staff promotions.

Today marks the debut of the Fortune Most Powerful Women channel on at This new site is the online home of all of our Fortune MPW content and a resource for this strong and growing community.  The channel will provide information and advice for women seeking success in business. It also will be a place for the women who attend the annual Most Powerful Women Summit to share their wisdom and experience with a broader group of readers. Our journalists will work closely with this select group of female leaders to host an ongoing conversation about their companies, the leadership challenges they face, and the issues that matter to them most.  The MPW channel also will be a home for the daily MPW newsletter, The Broadsheet.  The newsletter, which launched in July and is written by Caroline Fairchild, has close to ten thousand subscribers, the majority of whom open the newsletter daily. The MPW channel will be managed by Colleen Leahey, who will work closely with Pattie Sellers, Leigh Gallagher and the other MPW co-chairs to create a unique forum for successful women.

Second, I¹m delighted to announce two editorial appointments: Nina Easton becomes the chair of Most Powerful Women International and Jennifer Reingold becomes a co-chair of the U.S. MPW Summit, joining Nina, Pattie and Leigh.

In her new role, Nina will serve as the editorial lead for the international dimensions of MPW. This area has been on an impressive growth trajectory. This June, we completed the third annual MPW International Summit in London, a gathering that has grown from a smallish dinner into a two-day program that attracts an impressive array of female leaders from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. On November 11, we will also host the MPW International Summit in Hong Kong, building on the success of last year¹s events in Hong Kong and at the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu. Nina¹s interest in and experience with international subjects‹along with her extraordinary skills as a journalist, a moderator, and a political analyst‹make her exceptionally well qualified to lead this important area. She will continue in her role as a co-chair of the U.S.-based MPW Summit and, of course, as Fortune¹s Washington columnist and senior editor-at-large.

Jennifer will add to her responsibilities as a senior editor with a new role as a Co-Chair of the U.S. MPW Summit.  For several years, she has been a key member of the MPW team as a moderator and participant.  Jennifer is one of Fortune¹s most valuable and accomplished editors, and we¹re delighted to get more of her talents, ideas and journalistic skills behind our flagship MPW event.